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4 Ridiculous Things Stopping You From Attracting Wealth and Success

4 Ridiculous Things Stopping You From Attracting Wealth and Success

Have you wondered why some people tend to attract good luck and wealth while others keep struggling all through their lives and have a difficult situation?

Some people tend to have it all. Do they work hard, are lucky or are more eligible to have all that wealth?

You start doubting yourself. You wonder what is it that they seem to be lucky all the time and you are left out.

Let me tell you that it’s none of these.

Don’t give any space to self-doubt. You are as capable of being wealthy as any other person. They have nothing special because of which they are lucky.

I’ve seen people who are victims of their own mindsets. They are suffering from one or more of these 4 things. These are a huge hindrances to getting wealth and the life they want.


#1. Dread of Failing:

If you don’t try, you will remain safe but you will also remain where you are. Step out of your comfort zone. Habits enslave us. Break from those shackles.

The mind doesn’t easily accept the change in status quo because doing something different makes us feel nervous and uncomfortable.

#2. Fear of Success:

Strange as it may sound, you may also have a fear of success. This stems from changing the status quo. You may feel that you are not worthy of so much success. You may also feel that more preparation is needed to get to that success level.

As a result, you fail to take any action.

Suppose a promotion is due. You abhor assuming the new position because with it will come new responsibilities, expectations and new people to report to.

You’ve wanted that dream job and when it’s at an arm’s reach from you, you hesitate to make that last effort to get it.

The reason?

It’s the fear of success. Is fear of success stopping you? It’s time to think and introspect.

#3. You think there’s not enough wealth so you can get your share

Your negative self-talk becomes your reality.

‘I’m not worthy enough to live the life of my dreams and attract wealth’ or ‘there isn’t enough wealth for me to get my share.’

So many people are more capable than me of getting more wealth and I don’t stand a good chance.’

These thoughts will only cripple you. Leave them. Don’t give them space in your mind.

So many people suffer from this problem. On the one hand you crave for that coveted position, promotion or elevation but on the other hand, your inner self is telling you the opposite. ‘You’re not worthy enough.’

This could be because of your upbringing. As a child and during your growing years, you may have seen how hard it was for your parents to earn money and that you always felt deprived of the luxuries of the world.

You saw kids of rich parents get new clothes, toys and visit exotic destinations with their parents, whereas you could only dream of being there or having that experience. Gradually, you began to associate wealth with privilege, jealousy and resentment.

These feelings were ingrained in your mind to such an extent that you could not outgrow them in adulthood. These thoughts and innermost feelings are stopping you from thinking big and attracting good fortune.


#4. You’ve been guided by wrong advice by people you trust

‘All along, I’ve been taught by my father that you need to work really hard to get rich.’

This is the fourth factor holding people back from being wealthy. They’ve got wrong advice way too long from the people they trust and who are important in their lives.

It’s not easy to find mentors and so the easiest thing they can do is follow the advice and footsteps of people who have struggled themselves.

The outcome? They get wrong guidance which leads them to doom.

Most will say that to get more fortune, you have to work harder. These people can be parents, siblings and friends but they fail to realize that it will never improve the situation.

Wealth doesn’t come from working 10x harder or putting in more time. It comes from having the mindset of attracting wealth and a mind that knows what works.

Are you ready to attract abundant wealth and fortune into your life by transforming  your thoughts into how millionaires think?


Sometimes, these deep-rooted belief-systems don’t let you look at the correct picture. You become a victim of your own restricted thinking.

Not once do you realize that you have become so trapped in your own thoughts that it becomes next to impossible to break-free from these shackles.

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