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Our Mission

Life Coaching Digital is a platform dedicated to providing you with the powerful and result driven advice you need to achieve all of your life goals.

Here at Life Coaching Digital, we provide a hub of knowledge for our audience in order to help them navigate all aspects of daily life and find fulfillment in ever facet of their existence.

Our focus is to inspire, educate, motivate and provide long term life strategies to help people grow. We have worked with countless clients to understand their needs, specific desires and life goals in order to create an action plan designed to move them further towards success.

At Life Coaching Digital, we utilize a highly interactive and friendly approach in order to provide value to just about any individual.

Whether you are encountering career challenges and need some help deciding what next to do in your field of work, or you are having relationship problems and would like to discover how to revamp your interactions with people and find more meaning in your connection with others, or perhaps you would like to achieve financial success, we’ve got you covered!

We bring you powerful life tips that cut across financial success, relationships, weight loss tips, and just about any other life coaching you require. Our platform is unrestricted by boundaries as we explore all areas of human life while bringing meaning to our very existence. We want to help people of all ages, gender and ethnicity find the meaning and purpose in their lives and we are excited to make this happen.


Meet The Founder

Hi There, I am Mel Hippchen

The founder and creator of Life Coaching Digital. I am a graduate of Pedagogy and a master life coach whose number one goal is to help you achieve your purpose and goals in life.

As an experienced life coach who has worked with several clients over the years, I am highly passionate about helping people find meaning in their lives as they navigate their everyday activities.

Whether you are looking to attain more success, get a healthy body or working towards specific goals in your career, love life and finances, I will provide you with the right guidance and specific skill set you need to create the right plan and succeed. Feel free to reach out if you have any inquiries about the services I offer!

I am looking forward to hire from you!

A big hug of 30 seconds.

Mel Hippchen


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