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Red Tea Vs Green Tea: Which one Should You Prefer?

It’s a well known fact that green tea is associated with enormous health benefits. Some studies have shown that green tea also aids in weight-loss. There is no place for any doubt on the wellness benefits of green tea.

But, there’s a question worth considering.

Is there anything better than green tea that we haven’t explored much?

Green tea is definitely a powerhouse of antioxidants that work together to minimize health risks like the dreaded câncer and cardiovascular diseases.

Liz Swann Miller is a Weight Loss Expert and her profession demands that she share practical and helpful tips for good health, weight-loss and well-being among people.

She’s been very transparent in her advice and it’s always been her motto to help as many people as possible lead a healthy lifestyle.

Today, she spills the beans and tells you a completely new finding that will bust some myths surrounding green tea. It may be beneficial, but green tea has a new rival  – rooibos.

Also called red tea, Rooibos too has very high anti-oxidant properties. These anti-oxidant and beneficial properties are derived from substances that are vastly different from green tea.

There are two main anti-oxidants in Rooibos. They are aspalathin and nothofagin which are not found commonly. Among the list of benefits they offer are regulating blood sugar, reducing metabolic disorders and stress and a reduction in fat production.

Numerous studies have been conducted recently on weight loss and I too have many findings as a Weight Loss Expert to back up my claims.

The results of these studies and my own findings have the same conclusion. When the findings say that is red tea is essential in sustainable weight-loss, then this is backed by evidence.

Among the many benefits like preventing diabetes, Alzheimer’s and heart diseases, the one that stands out is its role in effective weight-management.

Last year was a big leap in the weight-loss field as Liz started her own production of the Red Tea Detox.

The main ingredient of this tea, Rooibos is a plant found in South Africa and it is easily available. The tea gets it’s distinct red colour because of the leaves of this plant that turn red when the Red Tea Detox Article 02 fermentation happens.

As it has so much potential to make the health benefits easily accessible to all, Liz was not convinced to keep the secret of Rooibos to herself.

When this plant can assist with the wellness and health of so many people around the world, why not make everyone aware of its benefits?

Moreover, it is much better than its nearest competitor – the green tea.

How’s that possible?

Its a known fact that green tea contains caffeine that keeps you awake longer. So, if you have it at night, chances are you won’t have a sound sleep. Red tea does not contain caffeine and after consuming it, you will have a restful sleep at night.

Secondly, it tastes delicious. Green tea is often bitter in taste because it has high tannin content. Red tea, on the other hand contains very little of this substance, making for a sound sleep.

Most of the health drinks available in the market don’t differentiate between children and adults. They have the same product for both the adults and children. This should not be so because the right to good health is important for both.

Liz has taken special care of this fact. She has taken pains to design the Red Tea Detox recipe for both adults and children. It caters to all tastes, ages and is all inclusive.

In addition to the normal version of the red tea recipe, there is also a sweetened version. Children love this. Let the innumerable benefits of red tea reach more demographies.

The Red Tea Detox program is a revolutionary health drink that you can have to satisfy your hunger cravings by sipping this delicious tea and enjoying the health benefits to boot!

It is already transforming lives of so many people who can vouch for its effectiveness. You have every right to be part of this revolution and see those extra pounds vanish quickly.

Moreover, you feel fresh and energised while sipping this drink. Your hunger will be replaced with this healthy optin because often, hunger doesn’t mean your body needs more food.

The Red Tea Detox program is your answer to all such food cravings.

Check out this new recipe today at *www.redteadetox.com.

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